Controlled Reliability in Oilfields

Reliability in Drill Depth

Formulations mistakes in the oilfield industry can leave you with a pile of sand at the bottom of the well. Controlling the viscosity and reaction rate of crosslinked polymers is essential—but that control requires effective and more reliable chemistry.

That’s where we come in, with novel chemistry that helps you reliably drill deeper.


Protecting your operation from collapsing branches and pipe corrosion is crucial if you want to stay up and running.

Fracking requires the ability to crosslink multiple polymers, and corrosion inhibitors are essential to protect pipes from high water volumes.

Our novel and proprietary chemistry is designed to crosslink polymers more efficiently. By using a single crosslinker for hybrid polymer systems, our chemistries allow you to drill deeper through more precise control of viscosity.

Whatever your chemistry needs, we’ll be at your side to provide technical assistance—and great chemistry.

Freshsperse AM: With the ability to crosslink and thicken hybrid polymer systems, Freshsperse AM simplifies chemistry and allows greater control over viscosity and reaction rate.

Freshsperse TM: With three hydroxyl groups, Freshsperse TM is the crosslinker of choice in the presence of borates.

Proxamines: A starting material for corrosion inhibitors, the increased surfactancy of proxamines reduces volatility. The presence of oxygen makes these chemicals more biodegradable than common alternatives.


Crosslinkers that control reaction rate and viscosity, allowing you to drill deeper and more reliably. Reach out for more information.

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