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Biodegradable Adjuvants

Glyphosate and other herbicides are more effective when they can be carried through weeds’ waxy cuticle. Spray adjuvants can improve the performance of herbicides and pesticides by increasing penetration.

That’s where we come in, with novel chemistry that has higher surfactancy and is more biodegradable.


Herbicides are critical to productive modern farming, but their ability to destroy weeds directly or through disruption of biological processes is limited by their ability to penetrate epicuticular wax.

Adding an adjuvant, especially one with outstanding surfactancy, can enhance effectiveness by improving penetration.

Our novel and proprietary chemistry is designed to increase adjuvant surfactancy, allowing a thin spray and penetration of leaf wax. Because of additional oxygens, our chemistry is more biodegradable than common alternatives. Weather ethoxylated, derivitized into zwitterionics, or as the amine form, Proxamines will improve the performance of your formulation.

Whatever your chemistry needs, we’ll be at your side to provide technical assistance—and great chemistry.

Ethoxylated Proxamines: Monoamines and diamines with different amounts of EO are more biodegradable spray adjuvants with better surfactancy.


More sustainable spray adjuvants with increased surfactancy for greater herbicide penetration. Reach out for more information.

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