Flexibility in Asphalt

Flexibility in Formulation

The optimal asphalt formulation changes based on dozens of factors—weather, climate, temperature, aggregate size and composition, and specific application can all affect the break time and quality of your asphalt.

That’s where we come in, with novel chemistry that helps you create the best asphalt for your application.


Controlling break time in a variety of environmental conditions is critical when working asphalt—and sensitivity to conditions can be limiting when you are forced to reformulate.

Our novel and proprietary chemistry, available as blends or individual molecules, is designed to be more flexible and forgiving across a range of asphalts.

Your formulation needs can change quickly with a change in your aggregate or the weather. That’s why our chemistry allows a variety of break times, creating better emulsions with more surfactancy to help you work longer before each reformulation.

Whether environmental factors change or your formulation needs a shift, we’ll be at your side to provide technical assistance—and more innovative chemistry.

Amines and polyamines: Emulsifiers that result in short break times for applications requiring rapid set.

Amine oxides: Emulsifiers that result in medium break times for applications requiring medium set.

Ethoxylates: Emulsifiers that result in slow break times for applications requiring slow set.

Betaines: Emulsifiers that do not break, make an entire asphalt system more forgiving, and are used in warm mix technologies.


Emulsifiers that allow a variety of break times and are more forgiving across a range of asphalts. Reach out for more information.

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