Re-thinking Traditional Chemistry—Across Industries

Increasing Performance and Efficiency at Scale

Existing chemistry has traditionally been enough to get the job done, but outstanding performance requires outstanding chemistry. Across industries and applications, our chemistry is improving processes and increasing efficiency at scale.


Mining has used the same chemical processes since the 1940s. But as the ore available contains less of target minerals, the processes used must become more efficient—or scale mining operations struggle to maintain production levels.


Formulations mistakes in the oilfield industry can leave you with a pile of sand at the bottom of the well. Controlling the viscosity and reaction rate of crosslinked polymers is essential—but that control requires effective and more reliable chemistry.


Our range of proprietary chemistries allows us to make buffers tailored to your unique needs. By controlling chelation, focusing on specific pKa values, or introducing zwitterionic character, we can present a range of scalable chemical solutions.


The optimal asphalt formulation changes based on dozens of factors—weather, climate, temperature, aggregate size and composition, and specific application can all affect the break time and quality of your asphalt.


Glyphosate and other herbicides are more effective when they can be carried through weeds’ waxy cuticle. Spray adjuvants can improve the performance of herbicides and pesticides by increasing penetration.