About Crison Chemistry

Great Chemistry Starts Here

In 2000, Jorge Chaquinga and Tom Daly founded Crison Chemistry based on a shared belief— forging forward and advancing industry requires new and more efficient chemistry.

Maximized Efficiency

Innovative chemistry that simplifies your production, improves your bottom line, and can even reduce the number of chemicals needed for your formulations.

Reliable Partnership

Your business is constantly changing, and we’ll be right at your side, ready to provide uniquely tailored, scalable products that meet a new standard of chemistry.

The Chemical Industry Requires Innovation

The industry at large has made few efforts to explore new territory. Existing chemistry has traditionally been enough to get the job done, and many chemists focused on scale manufacturing over the development of more effective chemistry.

Our unique molecules go beyond the current standards, allowing more precise control over formulations and production with a simple mission—to increase your efficiency at scale, while actually reducing the usage of raw materials.


Meet Crison Chemistry’s Founders

Jorge Chaquinga

Commercial Director

Jorge oversees all business development activities for Crison Chemistry. In addition, he helps to streamline all supply chain and logistics activities. Prior to Crison Chemistry, Jorge spent the majority of his career at Akzo Nobel. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Jorge is active in coaching soccer, dancing, golfing and traveling.

Tom Daly

Chief Scientific and Business Officer

Tom oversees all technical aspects of the business, including product innovation, development and intellectual property management. In addition, he manages all regulatory compliance, formulation and scale up activities. Prior to Crison Chemistry, Tom held various managerial positions with ANGUS, Dow Chemical, and Nalco. He holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana. He also holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Tom enjoys running, swimming, sailing and skiing.

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