We believe in great chemistry—new solutions to classic challenges

Since 2000, Crison Chemistry has been innovating chemistry. Our unique molecules go beyond the current standards, allowing more precise control over formulations and production with a simple mission—to increase performance and efficiency—at scale.

Using New Chemistry to Solve Classic Problems

Re-thinking traditional chemistry



Collectors, frothers, and depressants that improve efficiency and maximum yield


Emulsifiers that allow a variety of break times and are more forgiving across a range of asphalts


Crosslinkers that control reaction rate and viscosity, allowing you to drill deeper and more reliably


More sustainable spray adjuvants with increased surfactancy for greater herbicide penetration


Tailored to your unique applications


From 70 to 92 Percent Efficiency

A ton of ore contains only 0.44g of gold. Current mining chemistry, largely unchanged since the 1940s, can extract only about 70 percent. Our new chemistry raises that to 92.